Models: E55W, E57W, E60, E62, E80, E85, E145, E165

Model Family: Compact Excavators

Genuine Bobcat hydraulic filters keep particles reliably out of hydraulic fluids while also ensuring a sufficient flow of the hydraulic oil with minimal losses.

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Compatibilité du modèle:
E145, E165, E55W, E57W, E60, E62, E80, E85

Genuine Bobcat Hydraulic Filters are essential to protect the hydraulic components reliably from failure or premature wear. They achieve this thanks to an adapted type / size of the filtration media and due to the filter construction.

Our filters are designed, tested and validated during machine development. It guarantees that effects like high back-pressure, big pressure drops, slow movements or weak hydraulic performance can be excluded.

Consider our Genuine Bobcat Maintenance Kits to benefit from all inclusive packaging and the best prices.


Maximal contaminant holding capacity for a recommended filter life.

Canister to limit impact on environment.

Delivered with needed gaskets/joints.

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Model E145, E165, E55W, E57W, E60, E62, E80, E85
Model Family Compact Excavators
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