ENGINE OIL FILTER for Bobcat E60 E62 E63 E80 E85 E55W


Models: E55W, E60, E62, E63, E80, E85

Model Family: Compact Excavators

Genuine Bobcat oil filters are developed to capture metal, soot and other contaminants and keep oil cleanliness at expected levels.

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Compatibilité du modèle:
E55W, E60, E62, E63, E80, E85

Carefully selected Beta ratio ensures high filter efficiency while the inner design (including type and size of filtration media) ensures optimal lubrication of the engine for the entire service interval.

Uniformly pleated media, heavy duty central tube or durable / thicker metal filter housing (spin-on filters) are the natural features of the Genuine Bobcat Filters.

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Maximal contaminant holding capacity for a recommended filter life. Heavy-duty coil spring to maintain media cartridge seal.

Spin-on design for easy maintenance.

Delivered with needed gaskets/joints.

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Model E55W, E60, E62, E63, E80, E85
Model Family Compact Excavators
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