Modelos: S70

Familia de modelos: Cargadoras

Dado que toda la potencia del motor pasa a través de la correa hidrostática, elija este producto original Bobcat para garantizar la transmisión fiable de la potencia del motor a los grupos hidráulicos/hidrostáticos.

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Genuine Bobcat low profile flat multi-grooved cogged belts bring the following features:

  • Cogged inner side to increase flexibility and limit internal friction, stress
  • Transfer of more power and keep small dimensions
  • Low profile contributes to excellent flexibility and reduces heat build-up
  • Multiple grooves to perfect connection between pulley and belt


Only Genuine Bobcat belts can guarantee that you have right part, which was tested and validated from the beginning of machine conception and fully conforms to the original specifications of the Bobcat development centre.

Exact dimensions mean perfect fit, easy replacement and right function.

Consider our Genuine Bobcat Maintenance Kits to benefit from all inclusive packaging and the best prices.

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Model S70
Model Family Loaders
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