Bobcat Red PAINT Bottle, 12 ml


Color: Red

Size: 12ml

Genuine Bobcat Paints are manufactured under rigid quality control standards and allow you to restore the original appearance on your Bobcat equipment.

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Give a brand-new look on your equipment with an easy and quick paint
job. Restores original appearance with color, matching Bobcat factory original paint.

Spray ready, additional thinning is not necessary. Resists rust.

Dry dust free in 10–15 minutes, dry to handle in 30–45 minutes, and dry
complete in about 24 hours.

Available in 940 ml can, 400 ml aerosol spray with a unique fan spray tip for
better and more uniform spray and a convenient 12 ml small bottle when just
a little dab of paint will take care of scratches.
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