Models: E50, E55, E55z, E60, E88

Model Family: Compact Excavators

This seal kit is dedicated for Boom Cylinder 7198049 on model(s) E50, E55 and 7378593 on model(s) E50, E55, E55z, E60, Swing Cylinder 7412582 on model(s) E88, Parts can vary depending on serial number, please cross-check with your machine serial number to ensure compatibility.

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337, 341, E50, E55, E55z, E60, E85, E88

Each set of cylinders on your Bobcat equipment has a different seal kit. Seals should be replaced to prevent leaking cylinders.

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Model 337, 341, E50, E55, E55z, E60, E85, E88
Model Family Compact Excavators
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