PRÉFILTRE À CARBURANT pour Télescopiques


Models: T40.180, TL358, TL470

Model Family: Telehandlers

Genuine Bobcat fuel pre-filters are designed and manufactured to add an additional layer of protection to the injection system of the engine to ensure a superior performance.


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Compatibilité du modèle:
T40180, TL358, TL470

Dividing the fuel filtration in 2 steps (pre-filter and filter) improves the efficiency and ensures a superior performance. The filters are tested and validated during machine development and their technical specifications ensure that the original performance is kept throughout the recommended service interval.

Consider our Genuine Bobcat Maintenance Kits to benefit from all inclusive packaging and the best prices.

Specific size and quality of filtration media to fulfil performance / longevity requirements. Spin-on design for easy maintenance.

Delivered with needed gaskets/joints.


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Model T40180, TL358, TL470
Model Family Telehandlers
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