FILTRE À AIR EXTERNE pour Bobcat E32 E35 S100 T110


Modèles: E32, E35, S100, T110

Famille de modèles: Pelles compactes, Chargeuses compactes sur pneus, Chargeuses compactes sur chenilles

Les filtres à air d’origine Bobcat sont conçus et testés pour offrir le plus haut niveau de protection au moteur, maintenir une circulation optimale de l’air et aider votre machine à être aussi efficace et performante que prévu.

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Compatibilité du modèle:
E32, E35, S100, T110

The quantity of air that passes through the air filter is massive and can easily reach 2 million litres per year. It is essential to protect the engine from dirt, dust or soot. Genuine Bobcat air filters guarantee a proper cleaning of air flows throughout the service life - even in very demanding conditions.

Exact dimensions mean a perfect fit, easy replacement and no leakage.

Consider our Genuine Bobcat Maintenance Kits to benefit from all inclusive packaging and the best prices.


Maximal contaminant holding capacity for a recommended filter life.

Cylindrical type of filter for easy and precise fit is delivered with pre-greased sealing area. When replacing, be careful not to damage the grease layer.

Note: The replacement interval depends very much on the working environment of the machine. Check / change regularly.

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Model E32, E35, S100, T110
Model Family Loaders
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