Tires and Tracks

Bobcat Tires and Tracks to Fit Your Application Needs

When you depend on performance and reliability, count on Bobcat tires to navigate your machine in difficult ground conditions. Choosing the right tire for your application and terrain is important for the best possible machine performance and productivity.

Choose the Right Wheels for Your Bobcat Skid-Steer Loader

Bobcat Skid-Steer Loaders are enormously variable machines, used for many different tasks in changing conditions and environments. As such, no single tire can serve all purposes. Choosing the correct tire is important for machine traction, flotation, wear, and overall performance.

STANDARD DUTY: Excellent traction and entry-level offer for light applications

HEAVY DUTY: Excellent traction and extended lifetime with higher load capacity and a thicker sidewall

SEVERE DUTY: Extended lifetime compared to Standard Duty. Still good traction on unpaved hard surfaces (rock, dirt), very good damage resistance

VERSATILE DUTY: Excellent traction on hard / unpaved surfaces with quicker wear if there is a high portion on asphalt and concrete

SUPER FLOAT: Super wide tread and sidewalls are designed to perform in soft and wet soil conditions

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